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The Dereliction


THE DERELICTION - Photography by Tom Hicks & Poetry by Liz Berry 

Published by Hercules Editions, The Dereliction is a love letter to the post-industrial landscapes of the Black Country. Liz Berry’s poems have been praised for their use of the vernacular, the twang of West Midlands dialect. Her poems are matched with Tom Hicks’s stunning photographs, part of his ongoing documentary photography project Black Country Type, that show the colours and textures of the post-industrial landscape. Together, their vision is a celebration of place which is as vital and lyrical as Wordsworth’s celebration of the Lakes.
Liz Berry is a celebrated and award winning poet who responds to Tom’s photography, summoning up equally vivid and compelling imagery with her words. Liz’s poetry and Tom’s photography perfectly combine to create a wonderful, evocative set of words and pictures.



IF DESTROYED STILL TRUE - Photography by Tom Hicks & Poetry by Liz Berry 

This photobook, published by The Modernist, was the first instalment of an ongoing collaboration between Tom and poet Liz Berry. Both create work inspired by the landscape and people of their native Black Country.
BLACK COUNTRY TYPE - The debut photobook was launched in September 2018 alongside an exhibition at The Light House, Wolverhampton. 
In this series of photographs Hicks applies his unique aesthetic to the region, focusing on words, typography, handmade lettering and signs. He also photographs 'types' of architectural features, objects and the post-industrial landscape of the area.
The foreword is provided by artist and academic Dean Kelland, along with a specially written piece from author Kerry Hadley-Pryce
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